Monday, September 26, 2005


If you see this face, you better hope Gilly is wearing a diaper. She's a loaded weapon.

After the inevitable aftermath of "the pootie face," Gilly needs a nap. It's hard work being a baby.


Laura said...

Hi Adam and Gilly! (and Gilly's mommy who's name I forgot)

We're friends of Dan and Ann and Sadie, and we were in your birthing class. You can see more pictures of Isaac here: and here: He was born three days after Gilly. Hope to see Gilly's mom soon at 4th Trimester!

Laura, Andy, and Isaac

Adam said...


I followed the link to Isaac's photo gallery from Sadie's blog last night and recognized Andy's picture. I also bumped into him at WRC not long after Isaac was born . . . very small world :)

Lyn is planning to go to 4th Trimester, but I think she has been too tired so far.

Congratulations! Isaac is such a cutie!