Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Home sweet *cough* *cough* . . . . home?

Due to the expanding family, we need to move to a slightly larger apartment. Here it is:

Looks ok, right? Except for that little sign . . .

So, they're cleaning it up, which is nice. However, the lead paint is there to stay. Yup, that's right. Their remediation strategy for the lead is to bury it under layers of unleaded paint so it doesn't flake off. I guess we'll just have to keep the baby from gnawing on the window jambs.

In the words of the great Alfred E. Newman, "What, me worry?"


Ann said...

Looks good!
We really want to get together with you two...can we make some plans? Maybe you need some help unpacking boxes? We could do that if Lyn would hold Sadie...
Ann, Dan and Sadie

Adam said...

Sounds good :) I'll get in touch with you guys today.